Our sales force at Patriotis is composed of 42 experienced personnel who are renowned for their expertise and knowledge of our brands, and who play an integral part in ensuring that Patriotis continues to maintain its role as a market leader within the D.I.Y., Automotive and Hypermarket sectors.
Despite the significant changes that the Cyprus market has undergone in recent years, especially within the D.I.Y. and Automotive sectors, Patriotis has maintained increasing sales patterns by developing unique ways of targeting consumers, sourcing new areas of supply, instigating innovative promotional activities and effective dealer loading.
Through extensive training, each member of the sales team receives a wealth of information pertaining to all the products the company sells; their benefits and recommended uses.  This equips our sales force as a whole with the necessary skills and knowledge to better promote and sell Patriotis products to the market sectors in Cyprus that the company targets and services.
In addition, management run training programs, in conjunction with the support of suppliers, are utilised to monitor and further enhance product knowledge. 


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