The promotion of Patriotis products is achieved through various media channels and other marketing activities.
We work closely with manufacturers to identify and source products that we anticipate will be marketable in Cyprus and then undertake various strategic marketing campaigns in order to promote them to the D.I.Y., Automotive and Hypermarket sectors within this market. We place emphasis on the design of product labels that are not only legislatively compliant but also optimal for product promotion specifically within the Cyprus wholesale and retail market.

Our team of specialist merchandisers also play a crucial role in terms of product placement and, taking into account the needs of our clients, are responsible for the merchandising, layout and display of Patriotis products in stores.
We deliver regular training programs to industry specific professionals, educating them on the products and brands that we sell, so that they in turn will gain the necessary expertise to be able to better promote these products to the end customer.  
Analysis of sales data by product and category plays a fundamental role in the efficiency, effectiveness and speed at which Patriotis is able to alter its promotional and marketing activities at any given moment, in reaction to market changes and product demand.
We actively invest in different forms of advertising so as to increase brand awareness and to promote our competitive advantage against others trading companies in Cyprus offering similar products or services.  


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